Scana works in a systematic manner to follow up HSE work in both holding and portfolio companies.

Health and safety

Scana has established a systematic HSE program and is actively working to improve the HSE level in both holding and portfolio companies. Health and safety is on the agenda for all board meetings where we focus on absence from work, near-injuries and possible injuries, as well as the company’s follow-up on these matters.

Sick leave in Scana is considered low.

Incidents of damage or injuries related to the work in the investment company have not been registered.  The working environment in the company is considered satisfactory.


Scana considers the possible impacts on the external environment from the activities of the holding company as very low, and mainly related to air travel. 

The holding company has not had supervision from HSE authorities in 2015 and has no activities involving licensing or permits.

Scana owns businesses with a wide range of differences in activity and markets that span from steel companies producing some of the cleanest steel to companies that develop environmentally-friendly propulsion systems for ships in addition to equipment and components for offshore production units and real estate.

Through their activities, companies can potentially have effects on the environment with noise and emissions. It is important for us to ensure high environmental standards in the present and create a more sustainable environmental strategy for the companies we own for the future.

As an owner, we demand from our portfolio companies that their operations do not affect the environment in excess of any emission permits they have been granted. The companies also work continuously with limiting their emissions, reduce the amount of waste placed in deposits and overall reducing their negative impact on the environment. Waste from the production is recycled or sorted and handled in line with regulations. Our steel businesses buy scrap metal for melting, and are thus recycling operations in their own right.

Our goal is that the products of the companies we invest in are as pure and clean as possible, and are produced with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.


Seasystems quality management system has been certified according to ISO 9001:2015 since 1997.

Certificate available here.

The certificate is valid for the following scope:

Development and delivery of systems to the offshore, shipbuilding, floating wind and fish farming industries, covering the following processes:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Commissioning and service

Including the following range of products:

  • Hose reels, hawser winches and spooling devices, HPU and control systems, hose end valves, ESD valves
  • Mooring winches, chain stoppers and handling systems
  • Crude oil and gas swivels
  • Turret systems, locking arms, heave compensators
  • Umbilical pull-in heads and hang-offs
  • Other offshore and ship equipment

Seasystems follow Norwegian law and has implemented safety regulations in order to comply with relevant laws and regulations. HSE Procedures and instructions are included in the quality management system in order to  ensure that regulations are followed. The procedures also applies when our personnel is working at sub-supplier or Client premises.