Mooring solutions

Seasystems has designed and supplied mooring solutions and anchor winches for decades.

Through continuous focus on quality and functional design, we always strive to find the optimal
solution for each project. With high internal competence within project management, engineering,
fabrication and installation, we offer sophisticated and reliable mooring solutions to floating structures.

Turret solutions

Compact turrets for permanent or disconnectable mooring systems.
Seasystems delivers cost effective, well proven and innovative turret solutions, both fixed and disconnectable.

We deliver:

  • Seasystems Compact Turret Systems
  • Seasystems Disconnectable Turret System
  • Tailor-made to relevant project needs


Spread mooring

Seasystems delivers cost effective, well proven, and innovative spread mooring solutions.

We deliver:

  • Seasystems FDACS for off vessel tensioning (photo right)
  • Seasystems DACS
  • Seasystems Fixed Chain Stoppers
  • Seasystems Chain Jacks