Seasystems awarded additional contracts outside the Ivory Coast

Scana-owned Seasystems has been awarded two contracts to an FPSO-project outside the Ivory Coast, on the southern coast of West Africa.

The first contract is regarding upgrade and refurbishment of a mooring system supplied by Seasystems  in 2008, and the second contract is for gimbals used for transfer of fluids between two floating units.

In total the contracts are sizeable (1) for Scana. For Seasystems, the projects start at once and will be delivered from the second quarter of 2024.

“Back in April Seasystems was awarded the contract to deliver a mooring system for the same project. These two additional contracts reaffirm our leading position in the mooring segment. Seasystems has worked systematically to develop hardy and cost-effective mooring solutions, and we now see good results from this work,” Torkjell Lisland, Managing Director at Seasystems, states.

Mooring solutions is Seasystems’ focus area. Over the last 10 years the company has delivered an impressive number of major mooring systems to customers within the traditional oil and gas market, as well as growing markets like the LNG industry, aquaculture, and floating offshore wind.

(1) A sizeable contract is defined to be between NOK 20 million and NOK 50 million.
(2) A substantial contract is defined to be between NOK 50 million and NOK 150 million.
(3) A large contract is over NOK 150 million.

For more information, please contact:

Torkjell Lisland, Managing Director, Seasystems AS, +47 46 91 80 44
Oddbjørn Haukøy, CEO, Scana ASA, +47 911 71 914

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