Floating wind

A floating wind turbine is an offshore wind turbine mounted on a floating structure that allows the turbine to generate electricity in water depths where fixed-foundation turbines are not feasible. Floating wind farms have the potential to significantly increase the sea area available for offshore wind farms, especially in countries with limited shallow waters. Locating wind farms further offshore can also reduce visual pollution, provide better accommodation for fishing and shipping lanes, and reach stronger and more consistent winds.

In floating wind power, the market potential is large. Today it is not economically profitable with floating wind power without subsidies from the government(s), and this is a main challenge.  It is also necessary with investors with a long-term perspective.

Seasystems finally had its breakthrough towards floating wind in April 2020, when  Kvaerner ASA awarded Seasystems (Scana Offshore AS) a contract for the supply of mooring equipment to Hywind Tampen, Equinor’s new floating wind farm. 

Seasystems’ products for floating wind: